Preliminary build notes for 15.5.5
Italic text indicates the change has been added after the original notes were posted.

Game Mechanics

The special attacks Brawl, Fast Attack, Fling Shot, Burst and Full Auto now check against defensive skills when calculating the chance to hit. Note that Full Auto always did this, except on the first bullet. Aimed Shot, Sneak Attack and Dimach works as before.
特殊攻撃の以下のもの、Brawl、Fast Attack、Fling Shot、Burst、Full Autoは命中判定の時に防御スキルによる影響を受けます。Full Autoは全弾が判定対象になります。Aimed Shot、Sneak Attack、Dimachは以前と同じです。

The SkillLockModifier no longer affects the recycle time on Brawl, Dimach, Fast Attack, Sneak Attack, Fling Shot, Burst, Full Auto, Aimed Shot and the various Shadowbreeds.
SkillLockModifierはBrawl、Dimach、Fast Attack、Sneak Attack、Fling Shot、Burst、Full Auto、Aimed Shot、様々なシャドウブリードのスキル再使用時間に影響を与えなくなりました。

Calmed creatures now heal faster, as they don't consider themselves as "in combat" and thus can stress down a lot.

A bug with corpse decay has been fixed. Normal corpses will now stay for exactly 3 minutes, while the corpses of boss creatures will stay for 30 minutes.

Nano Programs

Nano Technicians have received a new nano program line for debuffing their opponent's range.

Izgimmer's Celestial Implosion has had its damage corrected.
Izgimmer's Celestial Implosionは正しいダメージになります。

Greater Hold Victim and Hold Victim have been corrected. They had each other's data.
Greater Hold VictimとHold Victim を直しました。データーが逆になっていました。

One With Nature has had its description updated to reflect the amount it actually heals for.
One With Natureを実際のヒールに合わせて記述を更新しました。

Meld with Background now correctly gives the user's team a Concealment buff.
Meld with Backgroundはチーム全体に正しくConcealment Buffをします。

Guardian of Might and A Keeper's Physique no longer get overwritten by Iron Circle.
Guardian of MightとA Keeper's PhysiqueはIron Circleで上書きされることはありません。

The Doctor team health buff programs have had their non-working instant heal effect removed to avoid confusion.

The Soldier's Heavy Weapons skill buff programs have had their duration extended.
ソルジャーの Heavy Weapons skill Buffの効果時間を延長しました。

Three of the Keeper's Vengeance programs had the same name. Two of these have been correctd to Vengeance of the Blessed and Vengeance of the Holy.
3つのキーパーのVengeanceが同じ名前になっていました。二つを、 Vengeance of the BlessedとVengeance of the Holyと正しい名前にします。

Fists of Shocking Touch is now only overwritten by Fists of Fire and better nano programs.
Fists of Shocking Touchは Fists of Fire以上のBuffでのみ上書き可能になります。

Beauty of Life no longer requires the target to have the Shadowlands expansion.
Beauty of Lifeはターゲットにシャドウランズ拡張パックを要求しなくなります。

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and monsters

IPS representatives now release additional information on how to improve the helmet, support system, and shoulder pad items of the Jobe Suit.
IPS representativesはジョーブスーツのヘルメット、支援システム、肩パッドの更なる増幅方法を公開します。

Some Blueprint bosses have become less timid and will no longer try run away when facing powerful enemies.


The portal that appears after killing The Beast now lasts longer.
The Beastを殺して出現するポータルは長く存在するようになります。


Sirocco will now give out his quest to those above level 201 as well.


Turn Spirit Flesh Pouches now contain random Turn Spirits as originally intended. This ensures equal opportunity to get hold of each type of Turn Spirit.
Turn Spirit Flesh Pouchesは元々意図していた通りランダムに Turn Spiritが入っているようになります。それぞれのTurn Spiritが得られる可能性を同じにしてくれるはずです。

Nano Crystal (Shadow Veil) has been added to the Agent startup equipment.
Nano Crystal (Shadow Veil)はエージェントの初期装備に付け加えられます。

The Channel Notum Vein nano crystals description (not the nano program description) now includes information about the garden key being required to upload the program.
Channel Notum Veinの記述(プログラムの方の記述ではありません。)にアップロードするにはガーデンキーが必要と付け加えます。

The Malaise nano crystals can now be bought in different Gardens and Sanctuaries.

The basic merit boards that are given to all members of the Clans or Omni-Tek are no longer Unique. This includes all merit boards that the basic merit boards can be upgraded to.
クラン員とオムニテック社員全員に与えられるBasic merit Boradからユニーク属性を消します。昇進したMerit Boardも同様です。

The Adventurer's Shadowlands service towers now works as intended in Shadowlands.

First Tier Metaphysicist Pants have had their statistics revised to bring them into balance with the other First Tier sets.
First Tier Metaphysicist Pantsは他のFirst Tierセットとのバランス考えて性能を変えました。

Prohibited Hand-Mortar of Bacam-Xum should be easier to wield now, and has had its statistics revised accordingly.
Prohibited Hand-Mortar of Bacam-Xumは装備しやすくなり、性能も見直されました。

The nano crystals that contain Average Delayed Health freeloader now have the correct names.
Average Delayed Health freeloaderのナノクリスタルの名前を正しくしました。

Keeper and Shade nano crystals are now avaliable as mission rewards.

Expensive Gift from Earth now has varying content.
Expensive Gift from Earthの中身の種類が増えます。

Spirit Shroud of the Exterminator now adds to direct nano damage.
Spirit Shroud of the Exterminatorはナノダメージを与えるようになります。

Abolish Tin has had its attack time reduced.
Abolish Tinの攻撃開始時間を減らします。

Decus Armor Pants have had new icons applied to them.
Decus Armor Pantsは新しいアイコンになります。

Trade Skills

The process for creating Chosen Fixer Boots and Chosen Fixer Pants now works properly.
Chosen Fixer BootsとChosen Fixer Pantの製作手順が正しくなっているはずです。


All versions of Mortificant can now zone with its master.

Some of the Meta-Physicist pets have been revised to make them scale correctly in power. Urulok the Rotten has had its health decreased. Ettu the Cursed has had its attack skill (and thus its damage output) decreased. Zhok The Abomination has had its attack skill decreased but its health increased by a large amount.
いくつかのメタフィジシストのペットを公平にするために改訂しました。Urulok the RottenのHPを減らします。Ettu the Cursedの攻撃スキルを減らしました。Zhok The Abominationの攻撃スキルを減らしましたが、HPは大幅に増やしました。


Perks attacks now scale properly with attack skill above 1000.

Channel Rage now has level requirement for the target pet.
Channel Rageはペットのレベル条件がつきます。

Ignition Flare now works properly.
gnition Flareは正しく働くようになります。

Team Hale and Hearty now executes properly even if you have a hostile target selected.
敵をターゲットしていても、Team Hale and Heartyは正しく働くようになります。

Energize, Bio Regrowth and NCU Booster have had their descriptions corrected.
Energize,、Bio Regrowth、NCU Boosterの記述を正しくしました。

Guardian now correctly requires the user to have Total Mirror Shield running.
Guardinaは正しくTotal Mirror Shieldが実行されている時に働くようになります。

Jarring Burst now has a visual effect connected to its stun effect.
Jarring Burstに視覚効果としてStunをつけました。

Big Smash now affects your current fighting target, not your currently selected target.
Big Smashは現在選んでいるターゲットではなくて、戦っているターゲットに影響するようになります。


Two separate client crash bugs connected with the chat system have been fixed.


A bug resulting in several trade skill processes being broken has been fixed. Among other things, hacking Portable Surgery Clinics is now possible again.
いくつかの壊れていたトレードスキル手順を直しました。Portable Surgery Clinicsのハッキングが再び可能になりました。

Weapons using Heavy Weapons or Grenade as main attack skill now count as ranged weapons for the purpose of using actions depending on wielding ranged weapons.
Heavy WeaponsかGrenadeをメインスキルとする武器は他の鉄砲と同じに扱われます。

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