Abandoned Facilities
Wednesday June 2nd 2004
Abandoned Facilities

It seems that somebody forgot to clean up after themselves when conducting some biological experiments in the swamplands on Rubi-Ka. Freelancers working with the ICC are attempting to contain the situation, while the Terra Firma clan and Omni-Med are accusing each other of irresponsibility and sabotage, respectively.

Game Mechanics

The recycle time on Dimach has been lowered for Martial Artists with more than 1000 in Dimach skill.
Dimachの再使用時間はMartial Artistsのスキルが1000以上あると短くなります。

Nano Programs

Adventurers have gotten two new heal programs.

Voice of Truth and Team Empowered Voice of Truth now have shorter execution time.
Voice of TruthとTeam Empowered Voice of Truthの発動時間が短くなります。

My Way, Peer Pressure and the Voice of One now has increased range.
My Way、Peer Pressure、Voice of Oneの射程が伸びます。

The Bureaucrat's team empowered charms now have longer duration.

Doctor heal programs introduced with Shadowlands no longer require the target to have the Shadowlands expansion.

Fixers have gotten three new Heal-over-Time programs.

Martial Artists have received two new healing programs.

The Composite Physical Expertise programs now include a boost to Martial Arts.
Composite Physical ExpertiseナノはMartial Artsスキルも増幅します。

Relentless Slayer no longer reduces the target's Ranged Weapons Initiative.
Relentless SlayerはもうターゲットのRanged Weapons Initiativeを減少させません。

Traders have received a new calm program and a new health haggler program.

The Enforcer's taunt proc programs have had their taunt effect increased by 10%.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and monsters

Wandering creatures have become more interested in actual wandering, and less interested in staring at walls and rocks.


The basic stores now contain a pre-made implants shop for Keepers.


Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor Gloves now give protection against Cold, and less protection against Fire.
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor GlovesはColdへの抵抗が増して、Fireへの抵抗が減ります。

Faithful Adventurer Armor is now correctly limited to clan members only at all quality levels.
Faithful Adventurer Armorは全てのQLにおいて、正しくクラン員専用になります。

Queen Blade now has the CanBeParried flag, just like the Enhanced Queen Blade.
Queen BladeはEnhanced Queen Bladeと同じように受け流し可能になります。

Control Unit Chest Plate now gives a bonus to Chemistry skill. The same bonus has been removed from Chemical AC.
Control Unit Chest PlateはChemistryスキルボーナスを得ます。Chemical ACボーナスは無くなります。

Laughing Soul Stones and Whispering Soul Stones should now drop in the Jobe Research Training Facility.
Laughing Soul StonesとWhispering Soul StoneはJobe Research Training Facilityでモンスターから手に入るようになります。

Essence of Pure Jealousy is now more available.
Essence of Pure Jealousyがもっと登場します。

Meta-Physicist summoned snake staves have been tweaked slightly.
メタフィジシストの召喚武器 snake stavesを少しだけ調整しました。

Izgimmer-Modified Cyberdeck now increases nano damage by 3%.
Izgimmer-Modified Cyberdeckはナノダメージを3%増やします。

The Trick Poker is trickier now, and the Spike of Menace is more menacing.
Trick Pokerは巧妙になって、Spike of Menaceは脅威を増します。

Equipping the Inamorata Ocra Pistol now requires an Unredeemed faction rating above 2500, instead of exactly 2500.
Inamorata Ocra Pistolを装備するにはUnredeemedをぴったり2500ではなくて、2500以上、になります。

The Chosen and Faithful Metaphysicist Body Armors now reduce the cost of executing nano programs instead of increasing it.
ChosenとFaithfulのメタフィジシスト用Body Armorはナノ発動コストを増やす替わりに減らすようになります。


Engineer pet nano crystals are now spread out more in the different gardens and sanctuaries.

Engineer pets introduced with Shadowlands are now a bit tougher.


Snipe Shot 1 and Called Shot no longer depend on other effects.
Snipe Shot 1とCalled Shotはもう他の効果に依存しません。

Treatment Transfer can now also be used on targets who have learned the sixth perk in the Nano Surgeon line.
Nano Surgeonの6ランク特典を持っているターゲットにもTreatment Transferを使えるようになります。

Weapon Bash, Laser Paint Target, Triangulate Target and Napalm Spray now use Assault Rifle as attack skill.
Weapon Bash、Laser Paint Target、Triangulate Target、Napalm SprayはAssault Rifleスキルで判定します。

The Violence special can now be used on less injured targets.

The Accumulator perk line now gives a bigger bonus to nano pool.

Big Smash, Followup Smash, and Blindside Blow now scale correctly with the user's Brawl skill.
Big Smash、Followup Smash、Blindside Blowは正しく、Brawlスキルで計算するようになります。

Chat and GUI changes

Fixed a bug causing the internal mouse-position to be one frame behind the actual position. This could make mouse-clicks go to the wrong window in some cases when the framerate was low.

Added support for the <U> and </U> HTML tags (turns underlining on/off).

It is now possible to disable underlining and linkcolor on hyperlinks by adding a "style=text-decoration:none" attribute to the <A> tag.

When text-decoration is disabled the color and underlining of individual parts of the hyperlink can be controlled with <FONT> and <U> tags.

The fade-delay and fade-time for fading text messages is now user configurable.

Clicking on a group name in a chat window will now make that group the default output channel for the window. SHIFT + click on a group name will activate text-input and insert "/group <groupname> " into the input bar (this will also happen if you leftclick a group that is not subscribed to the window anymore even if SHIFT is not pressed).
チャットウィンドウのグループ名をクリックして、そのグループをそのウィンドウのデフォルトの出力チャンネルにできます。Shiftキーを押しながらグループ名をクリックすると、テキスト入力欄に"/group <グループ名>"を入れてくれます。(左クリックしたときに、その購読していないグループを選んだときも、入れてくれます。)

Clicking a user name in a chat window will open a private chat window for that user. SHIFT+lefclick on a username will activate text-input and insert "/tell <nick> " into the input bar.
チャットウィンドウで、他のプレイヤーの名前をクリックすると、プライベートチャットウィンドウを開きます。Shiftキーを押しながら左クリックすると、テキスト入力欄に、"/tell <ニックネーム>"を入れてくれます。

Fixed a typo in the "clickthrough enabled" message.
clickthrough enabledの綴りを直しました。

Made private and system group colors configurable from TextColors.xml.

Private messages to yourself is now stopped by the client.

Autosubscribe windows now remember the selected output channel when relogging.

Fixed the "Chat indicator (Flash head)" option.

Fixed the /invite command, which is used to invite people to private chat groups. The syntax is /invite <name>.
プライベートチャットに招待するときのコマンド、/inviteを直しました。使い方は、/invite <キャラクターの名前>です。

/cc addbuddy now add the new friend to the "known friends" list and not the "recent messages" list.
/cc addbuddyコマンドは友達をRecent Messagesではなく、Known friendに加えてくれます。

Fixed some rendering glitches in the window border rendering.

Implemented a workaround for broken Windows versions that don't report left/right distinguishing keystates for qualifiers (SHIFT/CTRL/ALT).

Chat windows with both clickthrough enabled and text input disabled will now allow items to be dropped "through" the window.

Increased the character-reference description size limit from 1KB to 31KB.

Fixed a bug in the chat auto-completion system. If typing very fast, or when the framerate was low the auto-complete menu sometimes popped up when hitting SPACE even if an exact match should have been found.

The text-view will now read/write ANSI text to the clipboard on windows versions that don't support UNICODE. Should make cut/past between the chat and external programs work on Win98.

Crypt of Home
Tuesday April 27th 2004

Holding down the right mouse button now again allows you to look around by moving the mouse.


Some weapons introduced recently should now be more available due to the source(s) being tweaked a bit.

A problem with producing Chosen and Faithful back items has been sorted out. Bureaucrats, Engineers, Fixers, Keepers, Meta-Physicists, Nano Technicians, Shades and Traders can now click their "Excellent Jobe Suit Support Unit" to create a profession spesific version of this back item. The new version is then combined with the appropriate glyph to produce the Chosen or Faithful back item for the profession. Adventurers, Agents, Doctors, Enforcers, Martial Artists and Soldiers do not need to upgrade the "Excellent Jobe Suit Support Unit" to combine it with the appropriate glyph.
ChosenとFaithfulのBackのアイテムの製作問題を直しました。ビューロクラット、エンジニア、フィクサー、キーパー、メタフィジシスト、ナノテクニシャン、シェイド、トレーダーはExcellent Jobe Suit Support Unitをクリックして、その職業用のBackアイテムにできます。アドベンチャラー、エージェント、ドクター、エンフォーサー、マーシャルアーティスト、ソルジャー用の新バージョンのappropriate glyphを組み合わせてつくるChosenとFaithfulのBackアイテムはExcellent Jobe Suit Support Unitを appropriate glyphでアップグレードする必要はありません。

Chat system

A bug with team channels has been fixed. They now go away when you're done with them, and new channels will be assigned to the same window past channels were assigned to.

CTRL + c now works for copying marked text from any chat window. You may no longer have text marked in multiple windows at the same time.

You may now subscribe to channels in each window's right-click menu. No need to open the Chat Config window to do it.

Your chat windows are now listed in the Friends window, and can be opened and closed by clicking on them in that window. A right-click menu for each channel is also available from the Friends window.

Added an option to disable all keyboard and mouse input to a window, in case you want a window with output only.

Re-implemented the /afk format, with the option to write your own "Away From Keyboard" message.

Added the option to let text in a chat window fade out after a while.

We've limited the scrolling buffer in chat windows to 200 messages. If you want to read anything older than that, you'll have to use the logs.

Subscribed chat channels are now marked by a check sign instead of a different color in the Chat Config window.

The Chat Config window now remembers selected window, opened group folders and position of scroll bars when closed.

%t, %f and %m now work properly in pet commands.

It's now possible to rename the "Default Chat Window".
「Default Chat Window」の名前を変えられるようになりました。

/group, /g and /ch now accept partial channel names, providing the partial name isn't ambiguous.

You can now send messages to channels not assigned to the window you're currently typing in, e.g. through the use of /g or /o.

PageUp and PageDown may now be used to scroll text in the chat window which currently has focus (i.e. the one where you'll start typing if you hit Enter).


If you write a non-existing chat command, you will now get an error message explaining this.

Vicinity chat and system messages have been split into two channels.

System messages are now by default white, not red. Note that some messages from the game override any color settings on the client.

The default red color on some text has been made a bit brighter to make it easier to read.

"/r text" will now send the entire text, not just the first word, to the most recent person who sent you a tell.
「/r text」で最近受け取ったtellに一単語だけではなく、メッセージを返せます。

"/reply text" has been added. It does the same as "/r text".
「/reply テキスト」を加えました。「/r テキスト」と同じです。


All help commands that can be written "/help CMD" can now also be written "/CMD help". An example is "/pet help" and "/help pet".
「/help コマンド」で使えるヘルプが「/コマンド help」でも使えるようになります。たとえば「/pet help」と「/help pet」のようにです。

Fixed a crash bug related to corrupt or non-existent chat configuration files.

Crypt of Home
Wednesday April 7th 2004
Version 15.5.2

Chat System

"/v text" now does the same as "/say text" and "/ text"; outputs the text in the vicinity channel.
「/v 文章」は「/say 文章」、「/ 文章」と同じになります。ご近所チャンネルに表示されます。

"/w text" now does the same as "/whisper text".
「/w 文章」は「/whisper 文章」と同じになります。

"/s text" now does the same as "/shout text".
「/s 文章」は「/shout 文章」と同じになります。

"/g channel-name text" now does the same as "/group channel-name text"; outputs the text to the channel given by the channel name.
「/g チャンネルの名前 文章」は「/group チャンネルの名前 文章」と同じになります。指定したチャンネルに表示されます。

%t, %f and %m now works properly in /say, /group, /o (organization chat) and /t (team chat).

Added a hotkey for opening and closing the Chat Config window; SHIFT + c.

The text drop-shadows can now be adjusted or turned off in the Options window.

Clicking a link in a chat window will no longer activate the chat input bar in the chat window.


Some Shadowbreeds had an error with their recharge time. This has been corrected.


Version 15.5.1

Chat System

The Friends window is again available through CTRL+7 in the old GUI (Graphical User Interface). CTRL+8 and CTRL+9 now correspond to the Nano window and Stats window again.

Dynamic chat channels like team chat, trading, teaming and OOC will now update properly and no longer render you unable to talk in them after zoning.

Using % no longer repeats everything in front of it. This also fixes an issue with /pet report.
%を使ってももう前の文章を繰り返しません。これで/pet reportの問題も直ります。

%t, %f, %m and %(1-0) can now be used in macros and scripts. This is still a bit bugged: You need to use either /say (or just / ), /shout or /whisper in front of % tags in macros, but can not use /say (or just / ), /shout or /whisper in front of % tags in scripts and normal talking. We aim to fix this in 15.5.2.

HTML font color tags will now work for chat bots working directly towards the chat servers. Color tags can't be used from the AO client though.


Crypt of Home
Monday April 5th 2004

The Crypt of Home

A new menace has appeared in the depths under the Rubi-Ka desert. This place contains both new and age old evil. Somewhere on the planet of Rubi-Ka there is adventure for the daring and a link to the past.

The dungeon is intended for 6 people, i.e. a full team, and has an upper level restriction of 110.

Game Mechanics

The chat system has been updated, and now supports multiple customizable chat windows. Please check the chat interface guide for instructions on use.

Attacking an NPC (Non-Player Character) guard now makes you PvP (Player versus Player) enabled - open to attacks from other players - for 15 minutes. Attacking a PvP enabled player also PvP enables you for 15 minutes. Normal level restrictions for PvP still apply.

Trades that would cause one of the involved characters to end up with a billion credits or more will now be aborted.

The nanobot recharge bar no longer disappears if you try execute a new nano program while the nanobots are recharging.

The overflow window will now open properly when your inventory is full and an NPC returns the items you try give him.

Using /stuck in a backyard will now move you to a valid location, not into the void.

Actions requiring another effect to already run on the target or user will now explain this if the required effect is not running.

Both attacker and target will now again get a message when the target counters / resists a hostile nano program.

Mission completion will now be handled faster, handing out rewards without delay.

You will now be able to relax a bit more while in water, not constantly trying to get forward.

Nano Programs

Programs in the Bureaucrat Gallant Slave line now have the same requirements for uploading and executing the programs.
Bureaucrat Gallant Slave系のナノプログラムはアップロードと発動で同じ条件になりました。

Team Empowered Captivated Thoughts now requires the Bureaucrat to have completed the second specialization.
ビューロクラットのTeam Empowered Captivated Thoughtsは2段階目の専門化を必要とするようになりました。

Trader's Nano Resist drain programs now execute correctly.
トレーダーのNano Resist drainはただしく働くようになります。

Element of Ice now executes correctly.
Element of Iceはただしく働くようになります。

Null Space Disruptor now starts the effect immediately, not with a 20 seconds delay.
Null Space Disruptorは直ちに効果を現します。20秒の遅れはありません。

Tap Notum Vein: Inferno now takes the Fixer to one of the gardens in Inferno, not Penumbra.
Tap Notum Vein: InfernoはPenumbraではなくフィクサーをInfernoのガーデンのどちらかに転送します。

Slip of Mind can now be uploaded.
Slip of Mindがアップロード可能になります。

Fixed a stacking problem with Blast of Avoidance.
Blast of AvoidanceのNCUでの問題を直しました。

Improved Cut Red Tape now checks whether the target is using Grid Armor, not the defence modifier.
Improved Cut Red TapeはAllDefではなく、Grid Armourを着ているかをチェックするようになります。

Corrected the specialization requirements on Mongo's Gargantua and Mongo's Mighty Colossus.
Mongo's GargantuaとMongo's Mighty Colossusの必要な専門化段階を正しくしました。

Updated the description on some Shadowlands bind and recall programs.
いくつかのShadowlands bindとrecallプログラムの記述を更新しました。

Corrected the health boost effect on Titan Physique.
Titan Physiqueのヘルス増加効果を正しくしました。

Izgimmer's Celestial Fury now deals Cold damage as per the description.
記述されている通り、Izgimmer's Celestial FuryはColdダメージに、Izgimmer's Corrosive TearはPoisonダメージなります。

Izgimmer's Corrosive Tear has had its description corrected. It deals Chemical damage, not Poison damage.
Izgimmer's Corrosive TearはPoisonダメージではなく、Chemicalダメージになります。

Summoning pets that confuse and cloud the mind of your enemies will no longer be subject to fumbles.

Martial Artist programs that increase damage and change damage type will no longer be overwritten by other programs that increase damage, except better Martial Artist programs of course.

Corrected an error with the Bureaucrat program Voice of God.
ビューロクラットのナノプログラム、Voice of Godの間違いを直しました。

Fixed a requirement error in the Adventurer Wolf Aura program line.
アドベンチャラーのWolf Aura系の必要条件の誤りを直しました。

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and monsters

You should no longer find your NPC enemies healing you during combat.

All "bosses" in Shadowlands have had their conviction strengthened and will stand and fight instead of fleeing, regardless of the opposition.

Rancid is no longer aligned with the Redeemed.

Hecklers now have a smaller XP bonus than other outdoor Shadowlands creatures.

Razor, Zark and a certain lord are now all a bit tougher.

Den Mantis Queen has learned a new trick.
Den Mantis Queenは新しい策略を学びました。

Sharks in Adonis Abyss have decided that manners are for wimps, and will gladly invite themselves to sharing other sharks' dinner.
Adonis AbyssのSharkは弱虫達の態度に他のSharkをよろこんで晩餐に招待すると決定しました。

The wandering Yuttos can no longer be attacked.
The wandering Yuttoは攻撃できなくなりました。

Killing the Heckler of Evolution no longer gives an experience point reward.
Heckler of Evolutionを倒しても経験値はもらえません。

Chimeran Canines have discovered there's an abundance of prey now, and won't bother chasing fleeing snack for miles. They're also not too keen on charging anything in their vicinity anymore.
Chimeran Canineは獲物が豊富にあるのがわかって逃げるおやつを1マイルも追いかけたりしないでしょう。さらに浜辺のものになんでも鋭敏ではなくなります。

Spoiled Brat has decided to stay in one place. She is also impossible to get rid of, like spoiled brats are supposed to be.
Spoiled Bratは定住すると決めました。さらに彼女の保険勧誘員をしている父親から不死身の策略を学びました。

ICC Representatives and Peacekeepers are now a little less aggressive.
ICC RepresentativeとICC Peacekeeperは少し攻撃的ではなくなります。

Skilled Clan Scientist is a bit tougher.
Skilled Clan Scientistは少し手強くなりました。

Many creatures in the Shadowlands now look different, adding more visual diversity.

The female representatives of IPS will no longer be referred to as males during conversation.


Empath Min-Ji Liu's pattern has been added as loot on Unredeemed in Scheol.
Empath Min-Ji Liu's patternはScheolのUnredeemedの落とすアイテムに加えられます。

It's no longer possible to receive the sealed instructions without having completed the first part of Ergo's quest for access to Inferno.
Infernoに行くための最初のErgoクエストをクリアしていないとsealed instructionsを受け取れなくなりました。

Hypnagogic Urga-Lum Thrak and Sipius Aban Lux-Wei now recognize the ancient device even if it's been activated.
Hypnagogic Urga-Lum ThrakとSipius Aban Lux-Weiはancient deviceが活動可能になっていても確認できます。

There's now an additional source for the Amulet of Algid Amber.
Amulet of Algid Amberは新たに出る場所が増えます。

The items Ergo on Rubi-Ka requests are now only available in the Condemned Subway.


The clan Vanguard has moved into Athen.

The portal from Elysium to Jobe has had its level requirement removed.

The Unredeemed Pandemonium garden now contains a Statue of Transportation.
PandemoniumのUnredeemedの庭園にStatue of Transportationが置かれました。

All mission areas should now have inhabitants.

The impression that Old Athen was growing into Wartorn Valley was just a mirage. "People claiming to have seen the city's buildings outside the city walls need to stay out of the heat," says an anonymous Funcom employee.
Old AthenがWartorn Valleyまで広がっているというのは蜃気楼に過ぎませんでした。都市の城壁の外側に建物を見たという人は落ち着いた方がいいと匿名のファンコム従業員は言いました。

You will now get a message about the saved amount of Experience (XP) or Shadowknowledge (SK) when saving /scanning your character in the Shadowlands.

A representative for Omni-Trans is now located in Omni-1 Trade.

A ghostly mountain in Linger Echo was made solid.
Linger Echoのghostly mountainは固くなりました。

A volcano in Inferno has sunk a bit into the ground.

The walls of the Adonis Temple Maze have become substantial.
Adonis Temple Mazeの壁は実物になりました。

Fixed a position in the Brink in Scheol where you did not get teleported to Rubi-Ka.


The Engineer dog pets have been modified a bit. They should now increase properly in usability at the top levels.

Pets who are hunting will now ignore Jobe citizens and NPCs connected to the Jobe Research training missions.
Hunt命令されたペットはJobe市民とJobe Researchトレーニングミッションに関係するNPCを無視するようになるでしょう。

Anybody engaged in combat with a pet's master is now a viable target for the pet.


Elysium now contains some extra rewards.

Treatment requirement for symbiants above QL 250 has been reduced with 100. Modifiers for symbiants of QL 250 and above have been changed to go linearly from what they were at QL 249 to what they were at QL 300.

We have removed the NoDrop flag on the following tattoo sets: Ectoplasm, Entophagous and Sombreous.

The glyphs used for making profession specific armour have gotten the Unique flag removed. The flag led to too much trouble to be worth it.

Some Yuttoses have started selling a much sought after resource that is used for upgrading weapons.

Removed the Unique and NoDrop flags from several novictum pieces.

We have removed the NoDrop flag on the Embryos and Visions required for making the First Tier armours.
最初のTier Armourを作るのに必要な、EmbryoとVisionのNoDropフラグをなくしました。

The Caterwaul Rifle has been made Agent only. It will not be unequipped from other characters, but you won't be able to equip it anymore.
Caterwaul RifleはAgent専用になります。他の職業のキャラクターの装備から外れはしませんけど、もう装備することはできません。

A bug causing weapons with only Ranged Energy as attack skill to not count as ranged weapons has been corrected.
Ranged Energyのみを使う武器のスキル判定がRangeed Weaponになっていなかったバグを正しくしました。

Higher quality ingots have had their value decreased somewhat.

Corrected some items that affected the Skill Lock Modifier. They increased the skill lock time instead of decreasing it.
いくつかのSkill Lock Modifieに関係するアイテムを正しくしました。これらはスキルロックを減少させるのではなく、増加させていました。

The shoulder pads handed out by Alvin and Dodga will no longer bestow their bonuses on people of the wrong side.

Virgo's Practical Spirit Helper can now be equipped in all the correct slots.
Virgo's Practical Spirit Helperは正しいすべてスロットに装備可能になりました。

We have put a level requirement on the Nippy John Stiletto and reduced its minimum damage.
Nippy John Stilettoに必要レベルをつけて、最小ダメージを減らしました。

Added a line of warning on Turn Spirits
Turn Spiritsに警告の行を加えました。

Sacrificed Bracelet of Kay now has the correct modifiers and wear requirements.
Sacrificed Bracelet of Kayは正しい修正と装備条件になります。

Stacks of items may no longer contain more than 50000 items.

Fixed bug that caused some token boards to vanish when upgraded.

Fixed a visual bug with Shades of Lucubration.
Shades of Lucubrationの表示バグを直しました。

Trade Skills

Added another use for the Breaking and Entering skill.

Perks and Shadowbreeds

The Omni-Tek Nanomage Shadowbreed "Death" has been toned down. The damage shield has been halved. In addition, nobody can be affected by the direct damage part more than once every 30 seconds, and nobody can have the damage shield run in their NCU more than once every 30 seconds.

Nobody can be affected by the clan Solitus Shadowbreed "The Choice" more than once per 30 seconds.
誰もクランのソリタスのシャドウブリード「The Choice」に30秒ごとに二重に影響されれません。

The action icon for the clan Solitus Shadowbreed "The Lighter Side" is now visible, and the Shadowbreed can be activated properly.
クランのソリタスのシャドウブリード「The Lighter Side」のアイコンは見えるようになり、正しく使えるようになります。

The attacks from the Pistol Mastery perk line now scale properly according to your skill with pistols.
Pistol Mastery Peakの特殊攻撃はPistolのスキルによって適切に調整されます。

The Devour perk attack now scales properly with your Strength.

The Taunt perk action now works at all levels.
Taunt perk系はすべてのレベルで働くようになります。

Malicious Prohibition now properly reduces the target's ability to heal others. The description on the effect has been updated to reflect the actual effect.
Malicious Prohibitionはターゲットのヒール能力を正しく減らすようになります。記述も実際の効果を反映した形に更新しました。

Notum Overflow now correctly makes the target more susceptible to direct nano damage.
Notum Overflowは、よりターゲットのDirect Nano Damegeの影響を増やします。

The Tranquilizer perk attack now deals damage even if you have Assassin perk level 10.
Assassin Perkがレベル10でもTranquilizer perkの特殊攻撃はダメージを与えられるようになります。

A bug with combining the perk attacks Triangulate Target and Called Shot has been fixed.
Triangulate TargetとCalled Shotの特殊攻撃の組み合わせのバグを直しました。

Dazzle with Lights no longer debuffs your team members.
Dazzle with LightsはもうチームメンバーをDebuffしません。

Detonate Stoneworks now runs correctly when used on targets affected by Stoneworks.
Detonate Stoneworkは正しくStoneworkの影響下にあるターゲットで働きます。

Encased in Stone now properly roots the user.
Encased in Stoneは正しくプレイヤーをRootします。

Sabotage Quark Field now works correctly.
Sabotage Quark Fieldは正しく働くようになります。

Reap Life now properly recognizes Bloodletting and will be more effective if run on a target already affected by Bloodletting.
Reap Lifeは正しくBloodlettingを認識します。そしてBloodlettingが入っているターゲットにはより効果的に働くでしょう。

The Triangulate Target action now runs Affected by Triangulate Target on the target, not on the user.
Triangulate Targetはユーザーではなく、ターゲットのTriangulate Targetに影響されて働くようになります。

Fixed a problem where weaker absorb shields would overwrite the Bio Cocoon perk special.
弱いabsorb shieldsがBio Cocoon perkの効果を上書きする問題を直しました。

The skill lock on the Deconstruction perk action is now set correctly.

Corrected a small error on the damage boost from the 8th rank of the Disharmony perk line.
Disharmony perkの8段階目の小さなダメージ修正のバグを正しくしました。

Fixed the NCU cost on the Harmonize Body and Mind.
Harmonize BodyとMindのNCU消費を直しました。

The Outdoorsman perk line description has been updated. The line was not meant to add a proc effect.
Outdoorsman perkの記述を更新しました。Proc効果という意味ではありませんでした。

Several perks actions that missed a description have been given one.

The Channel Rage perk action has had its description corrected.
Channel Rage perkアクションの記述を正しくしました。

The description of the Insurance Agent perk effect now describes the effect of the perk.
Insurance Agent perkの効果の記述はPerkの影響について記します。

The description of the Escape action has been corrected.

A feedback issue with Big Smash has been corrected.
Big Smashにあった反応の問題を正しくしました。


To optimize the use of server CPU we've done some changes to how the servers handle NPCs that nobody can see. This should have no effect on your gaming experience except speeding up the game servers a bit.

Anarchy Online now handles switching from full screen mode to viewing the desktop a lot better.

Corrected a bunch of typographical errors.

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